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    Controller Synthesis by Petri Nets Modeling

    Third International Workshop on Verification and Evaluation of Computer and Communication Systems (VECoS 2009)

    Rabat, Morroco, 2 - 3 July 2009


    Abbas Dideban and Hassane Alla


    In this paper, we present two different methods for the synthesis of a simplified controller using Petri Nets. The supervisory control theory presented by Ramadge and Wonham is adapted to Petri nets modeling. Uncontrollable transitions in discrete event systems are the cause of forbidden states in supervisory control. This paper concerns the problem of forbidden states in safe Petri Net. We present different methods to reduce the number of constraints that prevent from forbidden states. Using these methods, we can construct a maximally permissive controller. The implementation of these approaches is considered using the SFC model.


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