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    The Unit of Construction + the Multiple Point of View = the Evolution of Form

    Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2009)

    London, UK, 6 - 8 July 2009


    Carl Smith


    Architecture, Archaeology, Art History and Design are just some of the disciplines where dynamic access to their units of construction is essential. Distinct forms of knowledge can be detected at different scales of analysis. In order to discern the processes and distinct construction methodologies present in these subjects (to see across as opposed to from a fixed point of view) new interfaces are required for increasing the range of the dialogue. Mixed reality techniques, 'the internet of things', ambient intelligence and the 'clickable' world are beginning to offer a whole new range of critical methods for the internal and external analysis of objects, texts, designs and ideas. Audiences are now able to investigate networks of disparate objects in ways their original individual authors fundamentally could not. Whereas printed media provide us with a single, static version of such knowledge, these new techniques provide us with dynamic content which allow us to trace changes over time and space.


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