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    CAT 2010: Ideas before their time : Connecting the past and present in computer art

    Computer Art and Technocultures AHRC Project

    3 February 2010, London

    This conference was edited by:

    Nick Lambert

    Dr Nick Lambert is Researcher in Digital Media Art at the Department of History of Art and Screen Media at Birkbeck. He is Principal Investigator on the CAT Project and was previously Research Fellow of CACHe (Computer Arts, Contexts, Histories etc). He also lectures on the BA and MA History of Art courses at Birkbeck. Nick has been researching computer art since the mid-1990s and completed his DPhil thesis A Critical Examination of ‘Computer Art’: its History and Application in 2003. He is also part of the organising committee for EVA London and is Secretary of the Computer Arts Society.

    Jeremy Gardiner

    Professor Jeremy Gardiner is Senior Research Fellow on the CAT Project and a former Harkness Fellow of the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has received a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship, a NESTA grant and a Prix Ars Electronica honorary mention. He was a founding member of the Computer Graphics department at Pratt Institute of Art and Design, New York and Director of CyberArts at the New World School of the Arts, University of Florida. Recent projects include ‘Imaginalis’, a survey of new work, at the Chelsea Art Museum, New York City in 2009. His forthcoming exhibition ‘A Panoramic View’ opens at Pallant House, Chichester in early 2010.

    Francesca Franco

    Francesca Franco is Research Fellow on the AHRC funded project ‘Computer Art & Technocultures’ (CAT) at Birkbeck College and the Victoria & Albert Museum. She is a lecturer at the Department of History of Art and Screen Media at Birkbeck, where she teaches Critical Approaches to the History of Art. She is currently completing her PhD in History of Art on the relationship between art, technology and politics in the context of the Venice Biennale, 1966-1986, at Birkbeck. She has been sitting on the editorial board of Computers and the History of Art (CHArt) since 2005.

    Conference Introduction

    CAT 2010: Ideas before their time (Book cover)

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