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    Full Synopsis

    HCI Educators 2009 - playing with our education

    22 - 24 April, University of Abertay, Dundee, UK

    HCIEd 2009 seeks to extend the discussions of previous conferences and continue the remit of HCIEd 2008 to consider 'Architecting the Future'. In previous years the roles of inventivity and creativity had been the focus of the discussions and presentations and we believe that continuing varied discussions across these issues creates a virtuous circle of educational pedagogy.

    This year we particularly welcomed contributions that specifically address the theme of play, such as:

    • Teaching interactivity and design through the theory and technology of play.
    • Designing and developing the interfaces of play by considering concepts such as unobtrusive interaction and collaborative interaction.
    • Consideration of the appeal of the new technology of play to all generations and how that impacts on interactive processes.

    HCI education needs to consider the importance of play as a tool to aid our teaching, but also presumably must ensure that interfaces and interaction styles of play are part of the curriculum. We therefore also encouraged papers that describe methods for teaching the concepts of play at the interface, in terms of design, developing, interaction styles and users.

    Conference Introduction