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    Integrating PFairness within a Model Based Scheduling Tool

    Fourth International Workshop on Verification and Evaluation of Computer and Communication Systems (VECoS 2010)

    Paris, France, 1 - 2 July 2010


    Annie Choquet-Geniet, Galle Skapin-Largeteau and Abdoulaye Ouattara


    In this paper, we focus on the use of discrete geometry for the sake of real-time modeling and analysis. We consider multiprocessor context and task sets with offsets, constrained deadlines and critical resources. We want to take regularity criteria into account during the scheduling process. We thus determine the geometrical characterisation of PFair schedules and present the construction steps of a geometric Pfair model. Several uses of this model are then presented: we can select (partially) PFair schedules. We have also defined a PFairness comparison criterion and we use it to choose among a set of feasible schedules the most PFair ones.


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