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    Hybrid Print Systems: Creating printed textile designs through Motion capture, Visual programming language and Digital inkject printing technology

    Create10 - The interaction design conference

    Edinburgh Napier University, UK, 30 June - 2 July 2010


    Devabrata Paramanik


    In Understanding The Media (1964) Marshall McLuhan theorises medium (technology) as an extension of the human body or the mind that acts as agents of change in our experience of the world. Hybridisation of medium results in ‘release of great new force and energy as by fission or fusion’, meaning this process not only changes form and usage of existing media but our behaviour with such medium. In this project Hybrid Printing System (HPS) is a resultant of the integration of two medium, emerging technologies such as motion-capture technology (MOCAP) and digital textile printing technology (DTPT). This project draws upon Frayling’s proposition of research through art and design (1993), and it is concerned with research towards a developmental and innovative work.


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