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    A Dynamic component-based approach to design and implement Grid Services

    1st International ELeGI Conference on Advanced Technology for Enhanced Learning

    Vico Equense (Naples), Italy. 15 - 16 March 2005


    Jérôme Lacouture & Philippe Aniorté


    Regarded as the following step of conventional distributed computing, grid computing becomes more and more popular. It puts the focus on large-scale resource sharing, including new pervasive technologies.

    To allow heterogeneous entity to share their resource, and more interesting their information and their knowledge, it is necessary to propose solution for integration and interoperability. Our aim is to propose an approach viewing component like an abstraction of grid services.

    In this paper we try to define an overview taking into account the parameters of the new context like the dynamic character of the grid. We also consider that grid approach gives new perspectives for e-learning and, particularly, for informal learning. Therefore, we introduce our research area and our orientation in the ELeGI project.


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