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    Towards a Domain Specific Application Development Environment for the ELeGI architecture: the Software Factories approach

    1st International ELeGI Conference on Advanced Technology for Enhanced Learning

    Vico Equense (Naples), Italy. 15 - 16 March 2005


    Angelo Gaeta, Matteo Gaeta & Pierluigi Ritrovato


    The Next Generation Grids (NGG) expert group has pioneered the vision of "Invisible Grid" whereby the complexity of Grid systems and architectures is hidden to both developers and users. In this new vision, the Grid has a different role: it will not more provide a virtual computing environment but it will be the basis of a more complex service oriented, knowledge-based and collaborative environment suitable for the specific domains in which citizen and organizations have to operate.

    Grid community main effort is still related to definition and creation of middleware upon which the development of Grid architectures and applications remains a straight difficult task that can be done only by expert researchers and developers. This is a factor, among other ones, that will prevent the fulfilment of this vision.

    In this paper we try to contribute to a challenging research topic: how can we easy develop applications for Grid architectures and environment? To this aim, we will show an approach to the creation of development environment for Grid applications and we will see how our approach affects the ELeGI software architecture.


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