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    Full Synopsis

    ADA-III - Astronomical Data Analysis III Conference

    Sant' Agata sui due Golfi, Italy. 29 April - 1 May 2004

    Data analysis is crucial for the optimal functioning of observatory facilities in astronomy. The rapid evolution of technologies related to telescopes and instrumentation is complemented by the "new astronomical data analysis" based around large surveys and major information services.

    Distributed online astronomy is referred to as the virtual observatory. Astronomy is also fast becoming a "data grid" which the astronomer plugs into rather like the power grid. ADA-III, Astronomical Data Analysis - III, is the third in a series of conferences, following ADA-I in San Diego, and ADA-II in Hawaii.

    ADA-I and ADA-II were organised with the SPIE, the premier optical engineering society worldwide. ADA-III aims at a high level of innovation in algorithms and resulting software. In ADA-I and ADA-II, this conference series has been characterized by a range of innovative themes, including curvelet transforms, and clustering in cosmology, while at the same time remaining closely linked to front-line open problems and issues in astrophysics and cosmology.

    This third meeting was structured in three sessions devoted, respectively, to:
    Imaging (optical flow), Signal Processing (fractal analysis), Neural Networks
    Grid and Data Grid (simulation, data analysis, software engineering)
    Pattern Recognition and Inverse Problems

    ADA III is sponsored by the COST-TIST Action n.283, by the University of Naples Federico II, the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN), by INAF and by the Department of Physical Sciences. ADA-III is also supported by "iAstro - Computational and Information Infrastructure in the Astronomical DataGrid" and by Technical Committee 13 of the International Association for Pattern Recognition.

    Further information on the conference can be found at iAstro - COST Action 283 www.iAstro.org and http://astrofisica.na.infn.it/ada3/.

    Conference Introduction