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    Full Synopsis

    2nd International LeGE-WG Workshop on e-Learning and Grid Technologies: A Fundamental Challenge for Europe

    Paris, France. 3rd & 4th March 2003

    TOWARDS A EUROPEAN LEARNING GRID INFRASTRUCTURE is a series of workshops organised by the Learning GRID of Excellence Working Group (LeGE-WG), which is a thematic network sponsored by the Information Society Technologies Program (IST) of the European Commission in order to facilitate the emergence of a European GRID infrastructure for e-Learning.

    e-Learning represents a challenge to current teaching practise in Europe. The technology of the Grid will play a fundamental role in supporting change. The goal of this Workshop is to assess the state of national and international initiatives regarding e-Learning, and to show how the deployment of GRID infrastructures may contribute to the development of vocational education in Europe.

    The 2nd LeGE-WG workshop TOWARDS A EUROPEAN LEARNING GRID INFRASTRUCTURE series focuses on three main topics:

    • Cross-connection between Grid technologies and e-Learning: the Grid supporting e-Learning applications as well as e-Learning concepts and methods supporting Grid developments;
    • National, European and International policies : evolving the legislative and regulatory context, in particular teacher's rights concerning e-Learning initiatives;
    • Evolving from Grid Services Provision to Training Services Provision : best practices and e-Learning examples.

    Conference Introduction