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    Position Paper: Grid/Web Enhancements to the National Crystallographic Service: Experiences with an Interactive e-science Demonstrator

    EuroWeb 2002 Conference

    St Anne's College, Oxford, UK. 17-18 December 2002


    M.B. Hursthouse, M. Surridge, J.G. Frey, S.J. Coles, M.E. Light, K.E. Meacham, D.J. Marvin, D.C. De Roure & H.R. Mills


    We report on a Demonstrator Project on the use of Web/Grid Services to enhance the user participation in the National Crystallographic Service (NCS).

    The coupling of a Web/Grid based set of services to an existing physical service (the EPRSC funded NCS) raised issues connected with the types of multimedia interaction perceived as necessary for the more efficient utilization of both the expensive NCS equipment and personnel in a secure manner.

    The techniques required to provide a demo service through existing network and security infrastructure are discussed. As well as audio, video and data links between the user, x-ray expert and the equipment, data staging was provided for subsequent added value calculation services.

    The experience learnt from the demo system led to significant re-design for a real service.


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