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    Distributed Application Management in Heterogeneous Grids

    EuroWeb 2002 Conference

    St Anne's College, Oxford, UK. 17-18 December 2002


    P. Lindner, N. Currle-Linde, M.M. Resch & E. Gabriel


    Distributing an application on several machines is one of the key aspects of Grid-computing. In the last few years several groups have developed solutions for the occurring communication problems.

    However, users are still left on their own when it comes to the handling of a Grid-computer, as soon as they are facing a mix of several Grid software environments on target machines.

    This paper presents a tool, which eases the handling of a Grid-computer, by hiding some of the complexity of heterogeneous Grid-environments from the user.


    PDF filePDF Version of this Paper (230kb)