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    A Mathematical Model for Cyclic Scheduling With Limited Work-In-Process and Cycle Time Minimization

    Fifth International Workshop on Verification and Evaluation of Computer and Communication Systems (VECoS 2011)

    Tunis, Tunisia, 15-16 September 2011


    Mohammed Amin Ben Amar, Hervé Camus and Ouajdi Korbara


    In this paper, we will address the cyclic scheduling problem with limited WIP (Work-in-process). In these systems, we have to minimize the cycle time of the production while working with a limited level of WIP. We consider here production systems with linear jobs (every operation was followed and preceded by only one operation). Many methods have been proposed to solve the cyclic scheduling problem. Among them, we focus on the exact approach, and more precisely the mathematical programming. In this paper, we will propose a Linear Program Model for cyclic scheduling with limited WIP and cycle time minimization.


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