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    Toward a rewriting logic framework for safe and distributed component installation

    Fifth International Workshop on Verification and Evaluation of Computer and Communication Systems (VECoS 2011)

    Tunis, Tunisia, 15-16 September 2011


    Meriem Belguidoum, Faiza Belala and Fateh Latreche


    Traditionally, software components are developed independently and often considered as black boxes. However, they might be dependent from each other at assembly and deployment stages and used by a third party in various environments. In a previous work (Belguidoum and Dagnat 2007), we have proposed an intra-dependency language and a predicate logic based framework for safe component deployment. In this paper, we aim to extend this work to take into account dynamic changes of concurrent and distributed systems in installation phase and overcome some predicate logic limitations. Therefore, we propose an integration of predicate logic based framework within a rewriting logic based framework. Finally, we execute it in Maude which is a high-performance implementation of rewriting logic enabling both the deployment execution and its formal analysis. We show the relevance of the Maude based deployment approach relating to the interesting features of Maude such as: genericity, concurrency, distribution and formal tools.


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