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    Enhancing Wikipedia with Semantic Technologies

    iUBICOM ’11: The 6th International Workshop on Ubiquitous and Collaborative Computing

    In conjunction with the 25th BCS Conference on Human Computer Interaction (HCI 2011)

    Northumbria University, Newcastle, 4 July 2011


    Lian Hoy Lee, Christof Lutteroth and Geral Weber


    As the amount of content grows on theWeb, there is an increasing need to provide greater search capabilities that produce relevant results. Users should be given the capability to execute complex queries in order to provide greater accuracy in their searching endeavours over theWeb. The semantic Web promises to provide such a feature by making the concepts within data explicit. We survey currently proposed semantic enhancements for Wikipedia, which is one of the largest repositories of knowledge at present. Furthermore, we analyze the benefit and feasibility of the different technologies, and we identify certain gaps in current proposals. We then propose a new platform in order to cater for semantic user interface development as separate modules. Finally, we create several semantic user interface modules to test the effectiveness of such an implementation. The results from this project is that a platform to allow access to semantic data over existing content is not only possible, but an effective way to encourage development of semantic technologies. We were also able to create a new way to leverage semantic data allowing users to perform a query based on a range of values, with the guidance of a graph to visualize the distribution of the results.


    PDF filePDF Version of this Paper  (556kb)