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    Toward a Theoretical Framework for Information Retrieval (IR) Evaluation in an Information Seeking Context

    MIRA '99

    Glasgow, Scotland. 14th - 16th April 1999


    A. Spink & T.D. Wilson


    This paper presents work in progress toward the development of the information retrieval (IR) evaluation measure - Information Problem Shift- within a theoretical framework and model for conceptualizing and researching information retrieval (IR) within an information seeking context.

    The theoretical model consists of a set of situated actions by information-seekers within interactive search sessions with information retrieval (IR) systems over a period of time. First, the paper outlines the IR evaluation measure - Information Problem Shift - within the theoretical framework of the model.

    Second, the paper discusses work in progress in the form of two studies currently collecting data, including the proposed IR evaluation measure - one study of information-seekers using an IR system and another study of information-seekers using the Web.

    Overall, this research seeks to develop an integrated view of the interactive IR processes by information-seekers and an IR evaluation measure with utility for IR system researchers, designers and information-seekers themselves.


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