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    Effect of 2D Versus 3D Spatialisation on the Identification of Everyday Sounds : A Preliminary Study

    International Conference on Auditory Display

    University of Glasgow, UK. 1st - 4th November 1998


    C. Demarey & P. Plénacoste


    The topic of our work is the design of auditory metaphors in computer environment.

    The aim is to specify how to build auditory metaphors, according to the user's activity and the context of this activity.

    In that way, we could establish a typology with the use context. In this first experimentation, we want to verify if a sound could be represented within long term memory by a conceptual structure.

    Subjects listen to 2D environmental sounds and 3D environmental sounds. They have to specify the degree of familiarity, the name of the sound and circumstances in which they have heard the sound.


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