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    After Direct Manipulation - Direct Sonification

    International Conference on Auditory Display

    University of Glasgow, UK. 1st - 4th November 1998


    M. Fernström & C. McNamara


    The effectiveness of providing multiple-stream audio to support browsing on a computer was investigated through the iterative development and evaluation of a series of sonic browser prototypes.

    The data set used was a database containing music. Interactive sonification1 was provided in conjunction with simplified human-computer interaction sequences.

    It was investigated to what extent interactive sonification with multiple-stream audio could enhance browsing tasks, compared to interactive sonification with single-stream audio support.

    With ten users it was found that with interactive multiple-stream audio the users could accurately complete the browsing tasks significantly faster than those who had single-stream audio support.


    PDF filePDF Version of this Paper (22kb)