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    Using dual eye-tracking to unveil coordination and expertise in collaborative Tetris

    People and Computers XXIV Games are a Serious Business

    Proceedings of HCI 2010
    The 24th British HCI Group Annual Conference
    University of Abertay, Dundee, UK

    6 - 10 September 2010


    Patrick Jermann, Marc-Antoine Nüssli and Weifeng Li


    The use of dual eye-tracking is investigated in a collaborative game setting. The automatic collection of information about partner’s gaze will eventually serve to build adaptive interfaces. Following this agenda, and in order to identify stable gaze patterns, we investigate the impact of social and task related context upon individual gaze and action during a collaborative Tetris game. Results show that experts as well as novices adapt their playing style when interacting in mixed ability pairs. We also present machine learning results about the prediction of player’s social context.


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