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    Applications of the TAMPR Transformation System

    2nd Irish Workshop on Formal Methods

    Cork, Ireland. 2nd - 3rd July 1998


    T.J. Harmer & P.J. McParland


    In this paper we present an overview of the uses of the TAMPR transformation system and present experience with using transformation in industrial applications.

    TAMPR is a fully automatic, rewrite-rule based program transformation system. From its initial implementation in 1970, TAMPR has evolved into a powerful tool for generating correct and efficient programs from specifications.

    The specification and transformation community has long claimed that program transformation and specification provides a powerful, labour-saving means of developing efficient and correct programs.

    What is the evidence for this statement? We present experience with using TAMPR transformation in applications which range from efficient implementation of numerical mathematical algorithms to inter-language transformation and the Year 2000 problem.


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