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    German Indexing and Retrieval Test Data Base (GIRT) - Some Results of the Pre-test

    20th Annual BCS-IRSG Colloquium on IR

    Autrans, France. 25th - 27th March 1998


    M. Kluck


    The Project German Indexing and Retrieval Test Data base (GIRT) provides a framework for the comparison of indexing and retrieval systems using German scientific information which is based on the social sciences.

    The aims and methods of the test environment are described. Some results of the pre-test, which was carried out with the retrieval systems Messenger and freeWAISsf, are shown and the consequences are discussed.

    The results are shown with respect to the precision and recall values, to the intersection of hits and the distribution of the hits on both systems, to the transformation of the queries into searches by the test persons.


    PDF filePDF Version of this Paper (6kb)