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    Effective and Efficient Relational Query Processing Using Conceptual Graphs

    20th Annual BCS-IRSG Colloquium on IR

    Autrans, France. 25th - 27th March 1998


    I. Ounis & M. Pasca


    In a recent paper (see Ounis & Huibers' work), a logical relational framework for information retrieval is presented, which emphasizes the importance of relations for accurate indexing, as well as the need to provide relation treatments for effective retrieval.

    Most knowledge representation formalisms support relational indexing. However, the majority of them do not fully allow relation treatment.

    Conceptual graphs, though offering the richness needed to use relations in the indexing of complex and highly structured documents, do not provide further relation-based processing.

    In this paper, we follow the above relational framework in the case of conceptual graphs, such that we can take into account relation properties in the retrieval process.

    The approach leads to a sound extension which preserves the semantics of this formalism.

    In its implementation, an important goal was to obtain a workable system. Experimental results prove not only improvement in retrieval effectiveness, but also good execution time.


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