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    Search Techniques Within a Multiple Database Environment

    Challenge of Image Retrieval

    University of Northumbria at Newcastle, UK. 5th February 1998


    C.L. Bird & P.J. Elliott


    For many information providers, over a range of applications, digital images are the medium of choice and the efficient and effective retrieval of those images is an active area of interest.

    Traditional keyword-based search techniques are being supplemented by image content-based methods and attention is being given to so-called meta-searchers, which enable multiple databases to be queried with a single request.

    In this paper, we describe work being conducted in a multiple database environment, using both conventional and content-based techniques, with particular emphasis on the need to cater for the naive user.

    The work is being carried out as part of the ELISE project (Electronic Library Image Server for Europe), which is partly funded by the European Community under its Fourth Framework Libraries Programme.


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