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    Multiple Inverted Array Index Structure for Asymmetric Similarity Measure

    Challenge of Image Retrieval

    University of Northumbria at Newcastle, UK. 5th February 1998


    N. Taniguchi, H. Akama & M. Yamamuro


    Due to the growing volume of digital image data in recent years, the demand and necessity for a system that can manage large image sets are rising.

    It is vital to create sophisticated retrieval functions in order to enhance the user's convenience.

    A lot of attention is now being placed on feature-based similarity retrieval which employs features extracted automatically from images.

    We have been carrying out research on the image retrieval system called ExSight which makes use of feature based similarity retrieval.

    In this paper, we propose a similarity measure for evaluating image shape similarity, and an access method for the proposed similarity measure. We also discuss our experimental observations.


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