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    Implementation of a prototype for the new ASF+SDF Meta-Environment

    2nd International Workshop on the Theory and Practice of Algebraic Specifications

    Amsterdam, 25th - 26th September 1997


    M.G.J van den Brand, T. Kuipers, L. Moonen & P. Olivier


    The ASF+SDF Meta-Environment has become a legacy system over the last few years. This paper describes the first steps towards a new implementation of this system.

    This implementation is based on the latest techniques concerning the coupling of software components, construction of user interfaces and modern programming languages.

    Special care has been taken to ensure the flexibility and extensibility of the system, both now and in the future.

    The general architecture of the new environment is discussed as well as the components which are currently implemented and operational in the environment.

    Each component is independent of the other components and communicates using the TOOLBUS.


    PDF filePDF Version of this Paper (113kb)