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    A Generic Architecture for Data Flow Analysis to Support Reverse Engineering

    2nd International Workshop on the Theory and Practice of Algebraic Specifications

    Amsterdam, 25th - 26th September 1997


    L. Moonen


    Data flow analysis is a process for collecting run-time information about data in programs without actually executing them.

    In this paper, we focus at the use of data flow analysis to support program understanding and reverse engineering.

    Data flow analysis is beneficial for these applications since the information obtained can be used to compute relationships between data objects in programs.

    These relations play a key role, for example, in the determination of the logical components of a system and their interaction.

    The general support of program understanding and reverse engineering requires the ability to analyse a variety of source languages and the ability to combine the results of analysing multiple languages.

    We present a flexible and generic software architecture for describing and performing language-independent data flow analysis which allows such transparent multi-language analysis. All components of this architecture were formally specified.


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