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    Reusing Analysis Schemas in ODB Applications: a Chart Based Approach

    Advances in Databases and Information Systems '97

    St Petersburg, 2nd - 5th September 1997


    E. Damiani, A. Formica, M.G. Fugini, M. Missikoff & R. Pizzicannella


    This paper presents a method for creating, indexing and reusing analysis schemas in developing Object-oriented Database (ODB) applications.

    Analysis schemas are specified by using analysis charts, a user-oriented set of forms structured according to the TQL++ Object-oriented specification model, and are classified according to their structural characteristics and content.

    A set of analysis charts forms a reusable schema, referred to as an analysis stack. The developer can retrieve and examine stacks by accessing analysis charts containing relevant entity names and structures.

    Charts are connected by links reproducing TQL++ relationships and connecting 'similar' schemas. The paper presents the measures of similarity between charts and describes the organization of charts in a reuse repository.

    A Thesaurus of relevant terms and synonyms is coupled with the repository. The Thesaurus and the repository are the basis for guiding developers in deriving new ODB applications through a sequence of steps proposed by a CHarting and Analysis for Reuse Tool (CHART).

    The methodology for reusing analysis schemas, based on navigation in the repository, and the support tool are described.


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