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    'Accept' or 'Decline': Alternative Options for Video Telephony Tools for Inter-Generational Family Communication

    HCI2011 - Health, wealth and happiness

    Proceedings of HCI 2011
    The 25th BCS Conference on Human Computer Interaction

    Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, 4 - 8 July 2011


    Bernhard Wöckl, Benjamin Wimmer, Ulcay Yildizoglu, Michael Leitner & Manfred Tscheligi


    This study contributes to the discussion on video telephony for inter-generational family communication. We present an evaluation of 11 alternative interaction options next to the standard options “accept” or “decline” for video telephony in 10 family scenarios with 20 grandchildren and 20 grandparents. Results highlight a differentiated view of the two generations on family situations for inter-generational video communication. Grandparents are more likely to use video telephony in different situations than grandchildren. Further, family scenarios provoked different interactions by the two generations. Overall, we suggest alternative interaction options for inter-generational family communication enabling users to immediate react to incoming video calls to the current situation, goal, activity, context and self-disclosure needs.


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