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    Portraits of Individuals with dementia: Views of Care Managers

    HCI2011 - Health, wealth and happiness

    Proceedings of HCI 2011
    The 25th BCS Conference on Human Computer Interaction

    Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, 4 - 8 July 2011


    Gemma Webster, Deborah Fels, Gary Gowans & Vicki Hanson


    It can be very difficult to get to know a person with late-stage dementia. This is especially true for staff that work in care homes with little time to spend with each resident and even less to focus on social interaction. This paper presents a software tool that was created to help care staff become more familiar with a person with dementia in a limited timeframe. A study was conducted with three care home managers to collect initial response, usefulness and usability ratings of the software in a care home environment. The participants responded positively to the software finding it engaging and very relevant to a care home environment.


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