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    Generating Formal Specifications from CASE Repositories

    2nd BCS-FACS Northern Formal Methods Workshop

    Ilkley, UK. 14th - 15th July 1997


    B. Ryan


    A method for formally specifying the generation of formal specifications from a CASE tools' repository is described.

    The limitations of the approach are identified and summarised. An alternative approach is outlined that addresses an important limitation, that of the original approach being specific to one software development method.

    The use of a neutral representation to generalise the approach to other software development methods is outlined. A mechanism is outlined that uses the original approach and the neutral representation to enable an incremental approach to the adoption of formal specification techniques.

    The incremental adoption is supported by the default generation of a formal specification that allows the inclusion of hand written formal specification fragments in a controlled way.

    The work builds on the established area of method integration by thoroughly investigating one approach to integration and suggesting ways that this could be improved. The techniques presented go some way to providing a framework in which the use of formal specifications techniques can be adopted in an incremental manner.


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