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    A Generic Model for State-based Agent Systems

    1st Irish Workshop on Formal Methods

    Dublin, Ireland. 3rd - 4th July 1997


    A.P. Hughes & C. Pahl


    This paper presents a framework for modelling state-based agent systems. Agents are state-based entities in a possibly distributed environment.

    We will in particular address problems that arise when aspects of locality and shared objects have to be dealt with.

    The Irish School of Constructive Mathematics CM provides an algebraic framework based on group theory and recursion theory. Monoids are used to model the foundations of state-based systems: states and state change.

    It offers extensive methodological means to develop and verify specifications of distributed, state-based systems.

    This paper is an investigation into structural and consistency aspects of dynamically evolving systems under consideration of locality and sharing. A model is presented which preserves the integrity of such systems by providing operators with appropriate algebraic properties.


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