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    The User Interface and Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems

    19th Annual BCS-IRSG Colloquium on IR

    Aberdeen, UK. 8th - 9th April 1997


    C.C. Venters, J.P. Eakins & R.J. Hartley


    User interface design for content-based image retrieval systems is proving to be a fruitful area of research.

    However, a number of design issues need to be addressed. The major problem lies in the need to provide users with high-quality interfaces for query formulation and display of results.

    This paper describes the background and intentions of a new Department of Education and Employment (DfEE) Information Science Research project.

    The project aims to investigate the design and development issues of a user interface for a content-based image retrieval system.

    The following areas are discussed: the background, the research problem, the aims and objectives, and the methodology.


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