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    Towards a New Conceptual Framework for the Modelling of Dynamically Distributed Systems

    1st BCS-FACS Northern Formal Methods Workshop

    Ilkley, UK. 23rd - 24th September 1996


    M. Mac an Airchinnigh


    We hypothesize that the mathematics used in the modelling, and hence specification, of computing systems should be universal in the sense that it be equally suitable for the modelling of natural systems, viz., physical, chemical, biological, or cosmological, and vice-versa, and as a consequence we propose to demonstrate a method of development that promises to lead into a fruitful area of exploration for both research and pedagogy in the general field of dynamically distributed systems.

    In the process, we demonstrate that there is a geometry of formal methods, complementary to the usual algebra of formal methods and show how the geometry may be used in practice in the formal specification of systems.

    The results are immediately applicable to the model-theoretic formal methods such as VDM and Z.


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