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    A Model for Dynamic State-Based Systems

    1st BCS-FACS Northern Formal Methods Workshop

    Ilkley, UK. 23rd - 24th September 1996


    C. Pahl


    Objects can be the structuring mechanism, i.e. the main building blocks of a system. In this paper a computation model formalising the notion of an object is presented which can be used for defining state-based systems.

    It can be used for both describing semantics of programming languages and defining semantics for a specification logic.

    A general, formalised and extendible notion of a model for state-based systems is the basic prerequisite for any attempt towards formal language engineering, i.e. for defining and integrating languages in a formal way.

    Functional aspects are integrated in the presented model. It will be shown that a transition system emerges from the given definition of an object as an entity with state, which may be modified by procedures.

    Therefore, concurrency can also be dealt with in this approach.


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