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    DIILT'12: Second International Workshop on Designing and Integrating Independent & Assisted Living Technology
    People, Computers & Psychotherapy
    Understanding Delight in Design: User Experience, Technologies and Tools
    Designing Interactive Secure Systems
    Comparing and contrasting video analysis techniques for human-computer interaction research
    Using Technology to Facilitate Behaviour Change and Support Healthy, Sustainable Living
    HCI Research in Sensitive Contexts: Ethical Considerations
    Physicality Workshop
    HCI Educators

    DIILT'12: Second International Workshop on Designing and Integrating

    Independent & Assisted Living Technology Evaluating the Delivery of Assisted Living Lifestyles at Scale (dallas)
    Marilyn McGee-Lennon, Matt-Mouley Bouamrane, sarah Barry, Eleanor Grieve, Daniela Latina, Nick Watson, Kate O'Donnel, Sally Wyke, Steve Brewster, Andrew Briggs, Tracy Finch & Frances Mair

    Food Services Supporting Activity and Independence Among the Elderly: Senior Chef & Cooking Academy
    Laura Boffi, Jamie Allen & Kristi Andersen

    Suggesting New Interactions Related to Events in a Social Network for Elderly
    Holger Jost, Orkunt Sabuncu & Torsten Schaub

    Information and Communication Technology Services for Augmentative and Alternative Communication: a Croatian Perspective
    Hrvoje Belani, Igor Ljubi & Mislav Balković

    People, Computers & Psychotherapy

    Towards the usage of persuasive strategies in a virtual sleep coach
    Corine Horsch, Willem-Paul Brinkman, Rogier van Eijk & Mark Neerincx

    Towards Online Social Support for Former Military Personnel
    Morten Kringelbach, Hugh McManners & Christine Parsons

    Improving the wellbeing and mental health of young people through the delivery of online mentoring and counselling services

    Chloe Morton, Alan Chester & Emma-Jane Cross

    Take a peek at a clinical case of cognitive narrative therapy: the need for a new mobile narrative app!
    Luisa Soares

    Can we Introduce Mindfulness Practice through Digital Design?
    Anja Thieme, Jayne Wallace, Paula Johnson, Siân Lindley, John McCarthy, Patrick Olivier & Thomas D. Meyer

    Monitoring People with Depression in the Community: Regulatory Aspects
    Maria Wolters, Lucy McCloughan, Colin Matheson, Martin Gibson, Chris Weatherall, Tim Maloney, Juan Carlos, Soraya Estevez & Castro Robles

    Towards measuring user engagement in internet interventions for common mental disorders
    Stefan Kleine Stegemann, Lara Ebenfeld, Hanne Thiart, Matthias Berking & Burkhardt Funk

    Understanding Delight in Design:  User Experience, Technologies and Tools

    The Need for Delight in Online Education Materials
    Adam Procter

    It's a Pleasure to Meet You
    Dr. Sandra Wilson, Lilia Gomas Flores & Douglas Kinnear

    Is THIS 'Delight'?
    Genovefa Kefalidou, Deborah Maxwell, Mel Woods, Sarah Sharples & Stephann Makri

    One Road: an engaging multi-touch interface within a museum context
    Melanie Touw & Brad Miller

    Designing Interactive Secure Systems

    Designing Interactive Secure Systems: Workshop at British HCI 2012 Preface
    Shamal Faily, Ivan Fléchais & Lizzie Coles-Kemp

    The Effect of Users' Working Memory on Preference and Performance in Authentication Mechanisms
    Marios Belk, Christos Fidas,Panagiotis Germanakos & George Samaras

    Secure Communication in Disasters
    Bangdao Chen, Ivan Fléchais, Sadie Creese, Michael Goldsmith & A.W. Roscoe

    Software for Interactive Secure Systems Design: Lessons Learned Developing and Applying CAIRIS
    Shamal Faily & Ivan Fléchais

    Community-centric engagement: lessons learned from privacy awareness intervention design

    Lizzie Coles-Kemp & Debi Ashenden

    Secure Systems? Challenge Accepted: Finding and Resolving Security Failures Using Security Premortems

    Shamal Faily, Simon Parkin & John Lyle

    Storytelling for Tackling Organized Cybercrime
    Muhammad Adnan Tariq, Joel Brynielsson & Henrik Artman

    Designing acceptable user registration processes for e-services
    Chris Porter, M. Angela Sasse & Emmanuel Letier

    Towards the Systematic Development of Contextualized Security Interventions
    Steffen Bartsch & Melanie Volkamer

    Comparing and contrasting video analysis techniques for human-computer interaction research

    Analysing screen-capture recordings to explore user-experience with Websites
    Gabor Aranyi & Joseph A. Onibokun

    Multimodal approaches to video analysis of digital learning environments
    Carey Jewitt & Sara Price

    Analysing Communication Trends in Pair Programming Videos using Grounded Theory
    Mark Zarb, Janet Hughes & John Richards

    Professional gesture in optometry: a case study of video-based field studies
    Helena Webb, Dirk vom Lehn & Christian Heath

    Video as a Research Tool to Analyse Interactions around Media in Households
    Sarah Martindale & Tim Coughlan

    Predicting users' task difficulty using Social Signals: a Preliminary Model

    João Pedro Ferreira, Marta Noronha e Sousa, Nuno Branco, Manuel João Ferreira, Nuno Otero, Nelson Zagalo & Pedro Branco

    Towards a taxonomy for video analysis on collaborative musical tabletops
    Anna Xambó, Robin Laney, Chris Dobbyn & Sergi Jordà

    Communication Styles in Collaborative Peer Learning around Interactive Table
    Izdihar Jamil & Sriram Subramanian

    Using Technology to Facilitate Behaviour Change and Support Healthy, Sustainable Living

    Food & Mood: Explorations in Technological Intervention
    Erin Carroll, M.C.Schraefel & Mary Czerwinksi

    Interaction Design for Behavioural Change
    Paul Doney, Marc Fabri & David Moore

    Promoting Sustainable Print Behaviour
    Jutta Williamowski, Yves Hoppenot & M.Antonietta Grasso

    Using digital technologies to test the Social Norms Approach to reducing electricity consumption
    Tim Harries, Ruth Rettie & Matt Studley

    Digital Design for Sustainable Behaviour: A conceptual framework to guide design intervention
    Marcus Hanratty, Tracy Bhamra & Val Mitchell

    Superhub: Integrating behaviour change theories into a sustainable urban-mobility platform
    Paula J. Forbes, Simon Wells, Judith Masthoff & Hien Nguyen

    HCI Research in Sensitive Contexts: Ethical Considerations

    The Role of HCI in the Construction of Disability
    Gustavo Armagno

    To Deceive or Not to Deceive! Ethical Questions in Phishing Research
    Rasha Salah El-Din

    The Ethico-political Dimension of Thanatosensitive Design-oriented Research

    Selina Ellis Gray

    Ethics and online social network research - developing best practices
    Tristan Henderson, Luke Hutton & Sam McNeilly

    'Un-Googling': Research Technologies, Communities at Risk and the Ethics of User Studies in HCI
    Irina Shklovski & Janet Vertesi

    Embedded Research in the Design of Interactive Technologies for Children with Special Educational Needs: An Account of Research in Progress
    Keir Williams, David Meckin, Tony Stockman & Nick Bryan-Kinns

    Physicality Workshop

    Towards a framework for the rapid prototyping of physical interaction
    Andrea Bellucci, Alessio Malizia & Ignacio Aedo

    Towards Dynamic Natural Interaction Ensembles
    Bashar Altakrouri & Andreas Schrader

    Choreographing the glitch
    Beverley Hood

    Thawing colours: dangling from the fuzzy end of interfaces
    Dave Murray-Rust & Rocio von Jungenfeld

    Augmented Reality Centered Rapid Prototyping
    Dimitrios Zampelis, Steve Gill, Gareth Loudon & Darren Walker

    Designing and Studying a Multimodal Painting Installation in a Cultural Centre for Children
    Loraine Clarke & Eva Hornecker

    NUI-based Floor Navigation - A Case Study
    Ulrich Furbach & Markus Maron

    Interactive Sensory Objects Developed for and by People with Learning Disabilities
    Nic Hollinworth, Faustina Hwang, Andy Minnion, Gosia Kwiatkowska & Ticky Lowe

    In Control - Heart Rate-driven Architecture
    Nils Jäger, Holger Schnädelbach & Kevin Glover

    Collaborative Communication Tools for Designing: Physical-Cyber Environments

    Stephen Forshaw, Leon Cruickshank & Alan Dix

    HCI Educators

    Learning Resources for Task Analysis
    Teresa Consiglio, Gerrit van der Veer & Niek de Moel

    A Cross-National Study of Cognitive Styles and Cultural Attitudes of HCI Students
    Ann Austin, Mario Michaelides, Jose Abdelnour-Nocera & Sunila Modi