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    Perfect Encoding: a Signature Method for Text Retrieval

    Advances in Databases and Information Systems '96

    Moscow. 10th - 13th September 1996


    D. Dervos


    A new methodology is introduced, where blocks of text are replaced by a compressed, fully reversible, signature pattern.

    Full reversibility implies zero information loss, thus the new method is termed Perfect Encoding.

    The method's analytical model is produced and, where applicable, contrasted with the current practice in signature file organizations.

    Perfect Encoding is shown to represent optimal signature file performance with respect to: (a) information loss minimization, and (b) information compression maximization.

    In this respect, it can be considered as a framework for measuring the performance of signature file based information encoding structures.

    In addition, the new method has the potential to develop into a scheme which is alternative or complementary to inverted and signature file based systems.


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