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    On Harmonically Combining Active, Object-Oriented, and Deductive Databases

    Advances in Databases and Information Systems '96

    Moscow. 10th - 13th September 1996


    D.W. Embley, S.W. Liddle & Y-K. Ng


    Although there are a number of issues to resolve, active databases, object-oriented databases, and deductive databases can be smoothly integrated.

    We present the integration challenges, provide a resolution to the issues, and show a way to achieve this integration by describing the active, object-oriented, and deductive features of a model/language called Harmony.

    Harmony lets us see the integration issues in a different light, because it provides an alternative way of modeling an application.

    It thus lets us give an alternate solution for smoothly combining event condition-action rules, object orientation, and logic, that better supports the development of advanced applications.


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