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    My kulturBOT 1.0

    Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2013)

    London, UK, 29 - 31 July 2013


    Frauke Zeller & David Harris Smith


    My kulturBOT 1.0 is a robotic art critic that attends exhibitions and produces tweets and captioned images for social media. kulturBOT indiscriminately takes pictures of the artworks, as well as the venue and the exhibition visitors. It integrates randomness in its movements and its language usage. We use the robot to stress the cognitive agency of artifacts and the inherent vagueness of what Bourdieu described as the 'demarcation line between the world of technical objects and the world of aesthetic objects'. Bourdieu critically reflects on whether this demarcation depends on the intention of the producer of those objects. Rather, he claims, these so-called intentions are themselves a 'product of the social norms and conventions which combine to define the always uncertain and historically changing frontier between simple technical objects and objects d'art' (Bourdieu 1984).


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