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    A Novel Gesture-based CAPTCHA Design for Smart Devices

    HCI2013 - The Internet of Things

    Proceedings of the 27th International BCS Human Computer Interaction Conference (HCI 2013)

    Brunel University, London, UK, 9 - 13 September 2013


    Nan Jiang & Feng Tian


    CAPTCHAs have been widely used in Web applications to prevent service abuse. With the evolution of computing environment from desktop computing to ubiquitous computing, more and more users are accessing Web applications on smart devices where touch based interactions are dominant. However, the majority of CAPTCHAs are designed for use on computers and laptops which do not reflect the shift of interaction style very well. In this paper, we propose a novel CAPTCHA design to utilise the convenience of touch interface while retaining the needed security. This is achieved through using a hybrid challenge to take advantages of human’s cognitive abilities. A prototype is also developed and found to be more user friendly than conventional CAPTCHAs in the preliminary user acceptance test.


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