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    Crowdsourcing for a Geographical and Social Mapping of Italian Dialects

    SoHuman 2013

    2nd International Workshop on Social Media for Crowdsourcing and Human Computation (SoHuman 2013)

    Paris, France, 1 May 2013


    François Bry, Fabian Kneissl, Thomas Krefeld, Stephan Lücke & Christoph Wieser



    Linguistic field research depends on collecting phrases and sentences as well as their geographical and social characteristics. The traditional method of field research -researchers asking questions and filling forms- is time-consuming, costly, and not free of biases. This article presents metropolitalia, a Webbased crowdsourcing platform for linguistic field research aiming at overcoming some of the drawbacks of traditional linguistic field research. metropolitalia is built upon Agora, a market for trading with phrases and speculating on their characteristics in a playful manner. Two games are run under Agora, Borsa Parole and Poker Parole, that aim at collecting complementary data and meta-data: Borsa Parole incites players to express their own knowledge or, rather, beliefs, Poker Parole incites players to make conjectures on the beliefs of others, thus enhancing the primary meta-data collected with Borsa Parole with secondary, or reflexive, meta-data needed for language perception studies. This article describes Agora with both games and reports on first evaluations of the data gathered so far.


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