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    On Detecting Conflict Between Proposed Updates

    Database Programming Languages

    Italy. 6th - 8th September 1995


    M. Doherty, R. Hull, M. Derr & J. Durand


    In the Heraclitus paradigm, a delta value or more simply, delta, is a concrete value that corresponds to a difference between database states.

    This paper presents the Heraclitus [OO] (abbreviated H2O) DBPL, which provides a syntax and semantics for working with deltas in the context of object-oriented databases.

    The paper also considers the use of deltas in connection with detecting conflict between pairs of proposed updates to a database.

    This is useful in contexts where multiple users are each creating and choosing between multiple possible updates.

    A semantically based notion of potential conflict between proposed updates is developed, along with several conservative approximations based on the use of different kinds of delta.


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