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    Eye For An Eye

    Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2014)

    London, UK, 8 - 10 July 2014


    David Lyons and David R. Flatla



    Artist David Lyons and computer scientist David Flatla work collaboratively to create art that intentionally targets audiences of varying visual abilities mediated through smart device interfaces. Conceived as an investigation into theories and practices of visual perception, they explore the idea that artwork can be intentionally created to be experienced differently dependent on one’s visual abilities. They have created motion graphics and supporting recolouring and colour vision deficiency (CVD) simulation software. Some of the motion graphics communicate details specifically to those with colour blindness/CVD by containing moving imagery only seen by those with CVD. Others will contain moving images that those with typical colour vision can experience but appear to be unchanging to people with CVD. All the artwork is revealed for both audiences through the use of specially programmed smart devices, fitted with augmented reality recolouring and CVD simulation software. The visual elements come from various sources, including the Ishihara Colour Blind Test, movie marques, and game shows. The software created reflects the perceptual capabilities of most individuals with reduced colour vision. The development of the simulation software and the motion graphic series are examined and discussed from both computer science and artistic positions.


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