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    Face Value - Augmented Reality Enhanced Photography

    Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2015)

    London, UK, 7 - 9 July 2015


    Elke E. Reinhuber


    Famous surrealist Hans Richter knew about the ‘Dreams That Money Can Buy’ (1947), yet most of the time, they are not for sale but priceless. Still, money can buy many things and some of those are beyond the realms of reality. Concurrently, bank-notes are nothing more than colourful inks and holofoils on paper or plastic but have the implicit power attributed to them by mighty institutions and individuals. So the bond between money and dreams is fragile but prevalent since both depend on the powers of imagination.

    The “Face Value” series are enlargements of eyes from ‘heroes’ on banknotes from various countries. The presented edition focuses on former European banknotes, which were replaced by the Euro in 2002.


    PDF file PDF Version of this Paper 288(kb)