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    Art Wonder: Using Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) and Wearable-Enhanced Learning (WELL) in the Museum Context to Enhance their Visitors’ Experience

    Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2015)

    London, UK, 7 - 9 July 2015


    Francesca Guerrera


    Art Wonder aims to enablemultiple novel ways of enhancingvisitor experience in exhibition spaces. Material interaction and exhibition’ itineraries are the focus of the investigation and finding appropriate methods for connecting the visitors with one another.

    The theoretical basis of this work comes from Oxford Prof.Théodore Zeldin, who demonstrates that Art is capable of fostering dialogue among different cultures and languages. He, at the same time, warns us, that if we want to grow again in the future, we need to foster the dialogue between cities and suburbs, professions and passions; to go beyond individuals isolation and stop distrusting our counterparts. He gives the specific example of how people are usually suspicious towards counterparts who have a very different job in respect to them, and explains how the aptitude towards what is ‘different from what we are already familiar with’ has to be changed. Prosperity and creativity depend on the interaction between very diverse competences and ideas.

    Therefore, the discipline of Art can be interpreted as an extension of the idea of civic service through the decreasing of isolation amongst individuals. To establish good communication capable of building trust, people need to leave the comfort of their usual territory.


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