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    The Prosumer: The Key Player of the Museum of the Future

    Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2015)

    London, UK, 7 - 9 July 2015


    Valentina Fois



    This paper analyses the role of the prosumer within the cultural sector and why prosumers should be identified as key players for the museum of the future. Social platforms such as Tumblr and YouTube are presented as important tools for museums to build new communities and engage their audiences in a meaningful conversation while preserving our heritage. Fruitful examples of digital initiatives in the UK and the US such as The Space (UK) and the MoMA Teens (US) are addressed to demonstrate that heritage institutions should be focusing on digital design and production as much as enabling users to become producers. The contemporary debates on such current trends as ‘the curator phenomenon’ and ‘Post-Internet Art’ are analysed here to show how digital natives (those born during the age of digital technology) are the prosumers museums need to attract. This audience, used to self-expression via such devices as mobile phones and tablets, cannot be ignored. We should also expect to see an increasing number of artists using the internet as their medium in the future. These are not passing trends, as some might argue, but a way of life for the younger generation and its successors; this paper, therefore, builds a case that supports the integration of the prosumer with the cultural sector.


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