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    Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Art of Lucio Fontana

    Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2016)

    London, UK, 12 - 14 July 2016


    Agata Marta Soccini



    Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are cutting edge technologies that can be used for several purposes, from entertainment to telemedicine. The attention given by experts and researchers from several different disciplines led us to investigate on the roots of these novel tools. We claim that, beside the technologic heritage, paradigms of mixed reality are also the result of the social needs and human curiosities that were expressed through art in history. The AVAR Project (Art in Virtual and Augmented Reality) aims at finding the tracks of VR and AR concepts in history of Art, through the analysis of artworks and manifestos. In this paper we present the first studies, based on Lucio Fontana. We spot the links between Spatialism and the concepts of immersion, 3D visualisation, user experience, and real and artificial worlds. We conclude reporting the results, and the pertinent considerations on the need to be open to a multidisciplinary approach in building culture. Further investigation on the links among VR, AR, history of art, and contemporary art, can bring tech community a solid knowledge base on how to experiment novel virtual experience paradigms.


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