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    Patient Preoperative Web Portal for Remote, Self-completed Assessment & Triage: a Feasibility Study

    BCS Health Informatics Scotland (HIS)

    Edinburgh, UK, 7 & 8 October 2015


    Matt-Mouley Bouamrane, Akintunde Adeyemo, Marilyn Lennon & Stefan Schraag


    Golden Jubilee National Hospital (GJNH) is a state-of-the art tertiary referral centre, carrying out a range of major surgical procedures on behalf of the National Health Service (NHS) in Scotland. In order to improve the integrated care pathway for patient surgical assessment at GJNH, we conducted a feasibility study for a Preoperative Patient Web portal. We collaborated with the anaesthetic department to design and develop a web based preoperative questionnaire which can be self-completed remotely by patients through a web-browser (patient portal). An initial feasibility study of the system suggests that a simple self-completed preoperative web-based questionnaire could be deployed in practice at GJNH, with potential anticipated benefits including reduced costs and improved patient preoperative triage.


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