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    Digital Heart Manual: making technology accessible with a user-friendly resource

    BCS Health Informatics Scotland (HIS)

    Edinburgh, UK, 7 & 8 October 2015


    Carolyn Deighan, Claudia Pagliari, Lucie Michalova, Jenny Elliott, Frieda Brookmann & Louise Taylor


    The Heart Manual (HM) NHS Lothian, UK’s leading home-based cardiac rehabilitation programme. In collaboration with e-health experts, patients and health professionals an innovative digital version of the original programme was developed and further refined using input and expertise of cardiac rehabilitation patient graduates and health professionals. Usage was monitored, and usability and accessibility assessed. Participants fed back over a number of iterations of the resource. The evaluation has highlighted the perceived user-friendliness of the HM digital format and its effectiveness in delivering the key messages of the programme. It also flagged several areas for further modification of the resource. Our pilot project has emphasised the value of employing a user-centred approach when developing and improving web based interventions. Such approach should result in better matched interventions which will maximise patients’ engagement and received benefits.


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