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    Correlating Cross-Platform Usability Problems with Eye Tracking Patterns

    HCI 2016 - Fusion!

    Proceedings of the 30th International BCS Human Computer Interaction Conference (HCI 2016)

    Bournemouth University, Poole, UK, 11 - 15 July 2016


    Khalid Majrashi, Margaret Hamilton & Alexandra L. Uitdenbogerd



    Evaluating the cross-platform usability of multiple interactive systems has become increasingly essential. Despite eye tracking being used to supplement traditional usability assessment, there is little research on its use for cross-platform usability evaluation. Our exploratory study seeks relationship between eye-tracking metrics and cross-platform usability problems. We user-tested three cross-platform services and identified a set of usability problems. We separated the identified problems into traditional and cross-platform usability problems. Some of the cross-platform usability problems were associated with users’ eye-tracking patterns. We found that consistency on many levels is a major problem cross-platform and we recommend some considerations for evaluators to use as indicators to predict possible cross-platform usability problems.


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