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    Full Synopsis

    BCS Health Informatics Scotland (HIS)

    Glasgow, UK, 11 & 12 October 2016

    The BCS Health Informatics Scotland 2016 conference (HIS’16) took place on 11th -12th October 2016 in Strathclyde Technology Innovation Centre.

    The conference themes for 2016 were: 'Person-Centred eHealth', 'eHealth and Care Quality Improvement' and 'eHealth and Integrated Care'.

    We had an excellent selection of speakers presenting on these themes, including:

    • Paul Gray, Director-General Health and Social Care, Chief Executive of NHSScotland
    • Professor Jason Leitch, National Clinical Director Healthcare Quality and Improvement
    • Dr Anne Hendry, Clinical Lead for Integrated Care & Senior Fellow, International Foundation for Integrated Care
    • Sir Harry Burns, Professor of Global Public Health University of Strathclyde
    • Dr Brian Robson, Executive Clinical Director Healthcare Improvement Scotland
    • Eddie Turnbull, Head of eHealth at the Scottish Government
    • Dr Paul Campbell, Chair of the eHealth Clinical Change Leadership Group
    • Mike Ogonovsky, Assistant Director of Informatics at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board
    • Dr Alastair Bishop, eHealth IT Consultant, Clinical Leadership NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
    • Professor Simon de Lusignan, Professor of Primary Care & Clinical Informatics & Chair in Health Care Management, University of Surrey
    • Professor Marion Bennie, Professor of Pharmacy, University of Strathclyde / Chief Pharmacist, Public Health & Intelligence, NHS National Services Scotland
    • Professor Roma Maguire, Professor of Cancer Care and Head of eHealth, School of Health Sciences, University of Surrey

    Information about the current BCS Health Informatics Scotland conference is available on http://www.hiscotland.info and information on BCS Health Scotland is available on http://www.scotshi.bcs.org.uk/

    Conference Introduction